CCTV Leasing - Domestic


starting from less than £1 per day 


With the option of leasing a CCTV system, you can still get the security that your home requires without the upfront cost, by opting to pay for the system over time. The payments fit in with your monthly salary and the lease is over a 18, month period.


Fully installed, serviced and managed by qualified and insured engineers with full on site support. 


Your payments will remain at a fixed rate throughout the entire duration of the agreed term, making it easier for you to budget without worrying about potential fluctuations in interest rates.


What’s more, even if sufficient money is available to purchase a CCTV system outright, leasing could give you the option of using that money in other areas of your life. 


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* please note: affordability checks and application will be carried out prior to installation. this is contract for a minimum of 18 months. you will NOT own the system at the end the agreement. All prices are plus VAT. further T&C's apply.  see Legal Notice/Terms. 




       Business Leasing


Here are a few of the reasons why you may want to consider acquiring your CCTV system on lease:


Improved cash flow - Instead of one larger payment, the cost of the system is spread over a number of smaller regular payments. Try to remember that you do not make / save money from the ownership of equipment but rather from the use of it.


Cost efficient – in many cases, the financial benefit of having a CCTV system is significantly greater than its monthly cost (which effectively makes it free).


Tax benefits - Leasing payments may be offset against tax.


Fixed payments - Payments are fixed for the term of the contract. Customers are protected from changing interest rates, enabling accurate budgeting and cash flow projections.


Immediate access – your business can benefit from much needed equipment now. There is no need to wait until funds are available.


Buying outright might not be the best use of your capital. Look at leasing and hire as an option for acquiring assets. When your business needs to acquire assets, buying them outright might sound like the simplest option; cash purchases can work out cheaper in the long run and the goods are classed as business assets and so can be used as security. However, this might not be the best use of your working capital. If you take out an overdraft or loan to cover the outright purchase of assets, build interest repayments into your calculations and compare that against hire or leasing costs before you make your final decision. If you don’t need to own the item immediately, consider leasing. Leasing allows businesses to use valuable assets – such as machinery, cars or furniture – without buying them outright. These items are instead bought and owned by a finance house and leased to you for a set period.

In Brief – Leasing

  • You get immediate access to the assets but pay back on a monthly basis, thereby easing your company’s cashflow
  • Leasing companies effectively lend you the total cost of items leased
  • Almost anything can be leased – cars; property; IT and telecommunications equipment; machinery; printers and photocopiers; or even furniture
  • There are various tax benefits – for example, you can deduct lease costs from your taxable income
  • It can take only days to organise


  • Cash that would have been spent on assets can be released to finance growth
  • You don’t own a depreciating asset and can return it, offering flexibility
  • You can lease almost anything from company cars through to computers, phones, photocopiers, machinery and furniture.
  • You can access the latest equipment and may receive maintenance and support as part of the leasing deal
  • There are tax benefits. For example, you can claim back VAT on lease payments and you can also deduct the lease costs from your taxable income.

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